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Company Profile

ROCKFIT prides itself on being technically driven and project motivated, with promoters having vast industrial experience. The business is typically balanced between contractors, architects, engineers and other distribution marketing.

ROCKFIT has cultivated a stand-out team of onsite product engineers, well trained customer service, other technical services team, as well as well-equipped and knowledgeable sales force. ROCKFIT’ s overall objectives are customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and growth. ROCKFIT is making an active commitment to construction chemistry and materials where the company can be a leading player.

Products & Markets

ROCKFIT offers a wide range of innovative specialty construction chemicals and materials that includes: Silica fume, concrete admixtures and fibers. We help our customers in the construction industry to enhance the value of buildings with sustainable raw materials, innovative formulations and systems.

Silica fume is one of the principal products supplied by ROCKFIT. Concrete containing Silica Fume has been identified as one of the most important advanced materials necessary to achieve and enhance future infrastructures.
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