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Rockfit Silica fume consists of very fine particles. The particle size is approximately 100 times smaller than the average cement particle. Because of its extreme fineness and high silica content, silica fume is a highly effective pozzolanic material. Being a highly reactive pozzolan, silica fume chemically reacts with the calcium hydroxide present in the cement paste, creating a stronger calcium silica hydrate “making it sticky”. The result is improved paste to aggregate bond (excellent for shotcrete) and higher concrete strengths.

Rockfit Silica Fume is typically grey in colour and is categorised as a supplementary cementitious material (SCM). Rockfit Silica Fume is compliant to ASTM C1240 & EN-13263 and is described as a Densified Amorphous Silica Fume.

Rockfit Silica Fume can be used to produce all grades of concretes. The chemical and physical properties of Rockfit Silica Fume can greatly enhance the strength performance and the bonding properties of concrete.
Ashish Wheels
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